How to care for your beard in three easy steps!

How to care for your beard in three easy steps!

So you’ve grown your beard, but what next? You can’t just leave it. You wouldn’t leave the hair on your head to grow uncontrollably with no cleaning, trimming or hair products. We could talk for ages about what you need to do and in fact we go into more detail in other blogs. But for now, there are just three simple steps we suggest every bearded man follow in his quest for ultimate beard care.

Beard care in three steps:

  • Step 1. Clean with a beard wash to keep your beard clear and itch free. Specially formulated for the hairs on your face, beard wash is softer and lighter than regular shampoo. A clean 2-3 times a week is all you need for a soft, clear and healthy beard. Don’t over wash, as this will remove the natural oils from the hairs that your beard needs.
  • Step 2. Use beard oil to ensure your skin is healthy and hairs hydrated. Beard oil with help soften the beard. A couple of drops go a long way and help replenish the natural oils your skin produces so your beard doesn’t dry out.
  • Step 3. For a softer fuller beard, style with beard balm. Style it however you want, beard balm will soften the beard by locking in the moisture, making your beard feel thick and fuller. It’ll give that extra control over those stray hairs too!

Simple ay?

Leaving your beard alone is not a good idea. It’ll dry out, you’ll get split ends and you’ll most likely end up with flaky skin. Ultimately your rough beard will get the best of you and you’ll cut if off, followed by instant regret. Follow these three steps to master your routine and ensure you have a healthy happy beard and grow that bush you always wanted.

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