How to grow a beard - the first timer

How to grow a beard - the first timer. Bearded man

Congratulations, like every man eventually does, you’ve come to the realisation that you need a beard, you want a beard, you crave a beard and believe me you’ll look fantastic with a beard. There’s nothing more manly than a well-groomed bush.

You’re new to the game; you’re a first timer, a newbie, a novice. Ultimately you want an awesome beard. So here are a few things you need to know to get started.

Wait, wait, wait!

Patience! It may sounds obvious, but let it grow! Don’t give up after a week or with the first sign of any itch. Plough through; you’ll be happy that you did.

Don’t pick up that trimmer. Obvious, you may think. But that well known myth that trimming your hair will help it grow faster has killed many a beard before they’ve even got going. It’s simply not true, the best way to grow a beard fast is to leave it be. Hands off! In fact we recommend keeping the trimmer and scissors away as long as possible. It’ll likely take about 6 weeks before you get to a stage where you should consider trimming and shaping. Yes, you may look a bit scruffy in the beginning, but it’s a mistake to start trimming your beard too early. Trying to shape your beard in the early growth stage can be a mistake, your beard hairs will grow at varying speeds so trying to shape too early will make things harder down the line, trust us, we’ve been there! The only trimming we suggest is around the neckline, cheeklines or moustache – this won’t affect your overall beard growth but will at least make you look less like a caveman for the first few weeks.

Scrub up regularly!

Keep it clean! You need to take care of your beard, leaving it without cleaning it is a massive no no. The natural oils your skin produce will help, but you’ll need to clean it at least a couple of times a week to keep it clear and happy. During the initial growth stage you’re likely to experience itch, especially if you’re use to shaving. New beard hairs are sharp, so as they break through the skin they can cause itch and irritation. It won’t last long but it’s important to be brave and push on through this phase. A good beard wash will help with this.

(How to stop an itchy beard)

Invest in the right products

As mentioned above, a good beard wash is different to normal shampoo. Its softer and gentler on your beard, which  is important as beard hair is different to head hair.

Beard oil and balm will help you maintain a good nutritional balance to your beard, while also helping you style that bush. We recommend good natural and organic products as whatever you put on your beard will affect the skin underneath. A good oil will help prevent flakiness and itch.

Brush regularly, we recommend a good boars hair brush. Brushing the hair regularly will help keep the beard tidy while also clearing it of any dust and dirt. The natural boar hair helps distribute the skins natural oils (and any extra beard oil) along the hairs to help get that desired look and feel.

Eat clean and exercise

Healthy foods are essential, if you eat badly, you’re likely to have poor skin and an unhealthy beard. Plenty of water to keep your skin and beard hydrated is essential. Eat plenty of proteins such as oily fish and meat. Hair is made from protein so it’s important to have a good balance in your diet. Exercising regularly improves testosterone levels and circulation, both will support hair growth.

No rash decisions!

If you’re having a bad beard day, it happens, don’t make any rash decisions. Leave it a couple of days and look again, sometimes it just needs a day or two to settle, you don’t want to regret chopping anything off. In fact, if you’re thinking of getting rid altogether, a good rule to follow is allow at least one day for every month you’ve had your beard to really think about it. Cutting your beard off, then wishing you hadn’t and throwing all that hard work away is one of the worst feelings. We say stick with it!

Finally enjoy your beard. You’ve now grown your first beard, hurrah! Check out our other blog posts on how to maintain your beard.


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