How to stop an itchy beard

How to stop an itch beard. bearded man, hipster beard.

So, you’re growing your beard, maybe even for the first time. You’re excited and looking forward to showing off that beautiful face bush. But whats this horrible itch, where has it come from and how do I make it stop?! Whatever you do, don’t cave in and cut off your beard.

The good news is that beard itch is very common, especially when you’re in the initial growth phase. It’s normally temporary and will not last long, so strap yourself in, hold tight and wait for it to blow over! Well actually there’s some very useful things you can do to prevent or at least sooth beard itch and luckily for you we’re here to tell you all about them!

So why do you get beard itch?

It’s very common, especially if you’re use to shaving. You see beard hair isn’t the same as head hair. While head hair is round the hairs you grow on your face are flat and sharp and as they break through the skin they can cause itch and irritation. Once they grow a little longer and your face adjusts you’ll find the itch will naturally go away. The other main cause of beard itch is dry and flaky skin, it’s as important to look after the skin under your beard as much as the hairs themselves. But there’s a few things you can do to help…

Steps to tackle an itchy beard

Right at the start of your beard grooming journey we recommend using an exfoliating face wash. This will help open the pours and clean away any dead skin. Follow with a good dollop of moisturiser to sooth the skin.

Once your hair has grown a little longer and you’re past the stubble phase, then it’s time to upgrade to a beard wash. You don’t need to use this every day but about 2-3 times a week should be enough depending on your beard. This will ensure that the skin underneath is nice and clean and help with removing any dry skin. A good beard wash is lighter and gentler on the delicate hairs you grow on your face, you don’t want to be using your standard shampoo you use on your head as it can damage and strip away the goodness from your beard hair.

Once out of the shower and dry, you want to give your beard a good brush, especially if you’re now the proud owner of a medium to long beard. Brushing regularly will help straighten the hairs, removes dust particles from the beard and stimulates the skin underneath encouraging more growth. By brushing in a consistent direction you can also reduce the chance of any ingrowing hairs.

beard oil

Next up, and one of the most essential steps is the use of beard oil. Beard oil has a lot of benefits. Using beard oil twice a day will help keep the oil levels of the beard naturally balanced especially as it gets longer. Beard oils also include natural properties which can help with inflammation and soreness. It will also soften the beard and a softer beard will reduce the friction between hair and skin. Finish with some bard balm too, for ultimate softness.

Remember, plough through that itch and don’t let it stop you growing that awesome beard you’ve always wanted!

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