What is beard oil? Should I be using it?

What is beard oil and should i be using it

You’ve probably heard of it but want to know a little more. Maybe you’re just growing your first beard and wondering how to look after it.

Beard hair is different to head hair and should be treated differently. It will look wild and crazy if you let it grow without any form of maintenance. A beard that is left without care and attention will ultimately disappoint. If you don’t protect the hairs you’re likely to end up with split ends which will make the beard feel rough in texture. Beard oil will help to keep the hair hydrated and moisturised and reduce the chance of split ends.

So what is beard oil and what’s it made from?

Beard oil should be applied and left in your beard, not washed out. It helps soften your beard and will help you to maintain a good nutritional balance to your beard, while also helping you style that bush. We recommend good natural and organic products as whatever you put on your beard will affect the skin underneath.

When it comes to beard oils there are two main elements, carrier oils and essential oils and they both provide different benefits to your skin and beard.

One of the most popular carrier oils is Jojoba oil which is the most similar to the natural oil found in your skin, sebum oil. It’s great at keeping the beard naturally balanced. Argan oil is a great option for softening the beard while almond oil helps reduce inflammation, especially when those pesky new hairs are pushing on through.

Essential oils are naturally distilled from plants and have multiple benefits, firstly they’ll give your beard a lovely natural scent but different essential oils have different benefits. Eucalyptus oil helps with irritation for example.       

beard oil

How to apply  

Applied correctly it’ll help moisturise both the beard and the skin underneath and give your beard a tremendous shine! Of course the amount you use depends on the length of your beard but we recommend starting with about 3 drops.

Rub into your palms so it’s evenly dispersed and then start to massage into your beard, making sure you’re rubbing into the skin underneath. You want to make sure that your beard is evenly covered, no one wants oily patches! For short beards you can just rub it all over to make sure your beard is fully covered. However for medium or longer beards we recommending grabbing a good brush or comb to distribute the oil.

beard brush

Beard oil is an essential part of your daily beard routine, wherever you are in your beard journey. A good oil is important for the balance and well being of your beard and to help you achieve that look you after.

Go forth and grow that beard.

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